Thursday, April 22, 2010

..smells like teen spirit..

Exactly like this, minus the Knightrider effects obviously.

Today, I'm going to have a say about road discipline. I got my "P" license when I was 18, although yes, my mum did secretly trained me in the art of using the manual gear using our old red Daihatsu Charade (now immobilised under the tree in our house, I think Edd knows where it is) when I was getting training for my driving license. We used to train in UKM near the Faculty Kejuruteraan building, shifting gears and stuffs. I was kinda worried if I was going to hit some monkeys on the way though, heheh.

Shit happens.

My first accident was when I was in form 3, when I was still studying in Bangi. My good buddy Afif was hanging around with his purple scooter in front of my house. Tellingly, mum wasnt home yet at the time. So I asked him if I could try the scooter, as it looked like fun. So he said yeah, why not eh. I underestimated the power of the mighty scooter. I just pulled the rev a bit too eagerly and the scooter went like a flash. And I hit a vase. And I broke it. Plus I made a bit of a scratch on Afif's scooter. Damn it. Swiftly, I cleaned the crime scene and pretend it never happened. Although I suspect mum somehow knew about it.

Yup, we are definitely lost.

Happily, after sitting for the driving exams, I got my driving license. I was entrusted with the cute little Charade. Having a manual gearbox didnt deter me, it was masculine even. I was just worried whenever the fuel indicator gets low. You see, after SPM, my pocket money wasnt really grand. Yes, we are middle-income class citizens, but my parents wasnt really splashing money on me or my sis. And well, after getting a license and a car, being a teenager, I was always going to explore the world. I was once lost near the area of the old Subang airport, with the fuel dangerously low, together with Zahid. Heck, I dont remember why we were lost in that place. So I turned off the aircon and radio, used the windows for ventilation instead, you know, ancient methods, and it was kinda scary because it was getting dark. Luckily we managed to find a way out and find a petrol station. Note to self, when going to unchartered places, please fill the fuel tank to the brim!

Kompleks Diamond, with some Cosway advertisement I must say.

My first car accident was something that even my family dont know about. It was post-SPM time, I had nothing to do at home, so I woke up at 11 in the morning on a Monday, and I was starving. I got some money, so I went to Warta/Bangi Utama to get some McD takeaway. This happened in the Kompleks Diamond area. I've put the McD tapau on the passenger seat beside me. When I was cornering, which was really damn slow, mind you, the coke just fell. So I rushed my hand to put it in a proper position, but the Charade wasnt a power-steered car, and it wasnt so smooth handling either. I lost my handling, and so I accidently scratched a bit of wall on the Charade's black bumper. Luckily no one was behind or infront of me, so spare me the embarrassment please.

Just a part of my mum's Honda City.

The second one was when I used my mum's Honda City. My parents went out in my dad's Perdana V6, and again, I was hungry, so I planned to go to the Tuesday's Pasar Malam near Shell Bangi. I was driving the car, waiting in line to use the roundabout, the one people also use to go to Tol Bangi and UKM, and I was the second car. In front of me was a Kancil with a huge "P" sticker. At some period, the roundabout was kinda free of traffic, so I assume the car infront of me was already moving, without me noticing if it had moved or not. But I was wrong, and I hit the back bumper of the Kancil. So we parked beside the roundabout to talk about settlements. I think I was surely fucked because I was just a kid with also a "P", and the makcik driving the Kancil had reinforcement in the form of his bro who drives a taxi around Bangi. So I said lets just settle this with my parents at home, since I dont have money anyway, and we drove to my house. When my parents arrived home to see some strangers in front of the house, they were kinda perplexed, and rightly so. But the pakcik taxi was nice, he was backing me up, saying that I'm just a brat, biasalah tu accident sekali sekala. I thought my mum was furious with me. Plus I was using her City. Years goes by without any incident for me.

Then occured the biggest accident for me in Putrajaya. I hate to tell it again so I'd just put in a picture.

Thats my car. The Corolla.

I wasnt driving fast, it was raining a bit, it was a downward sharply turned corner, and the road was slippery from the leaking oil of lorries, as I heard the other regular Putrajaya road users say. I bumped my head, just minor. The big damage was done to the front of the car. I'm no F1 driver, but I must say I did kinda well to still get that car on the road, away from the drain. Needless to say, my parents were furious, and concerned too. But in a week, I was driving again.. :D

Drive safely ok!


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

lu tak pro lagi nie.hahaha.

shogunn_general said...

ni zaman muda2 bro...lagipun aku balik skali setahun je memandu kereta...mana sama dgn ko...hehe

eh mana iswara lama ko? dah tukar jadi pintu gate rumah orang ke? heheehe

ChiroBie said...

I never had any car accident before(touchwood). But I think the reason is that I rarely drive but I still drive LOL =p Yeah drive carefully! F1 driver, you are not!

нурул надя = nurul nadia said...

u know i never drive.. haha~~! its coz of this stuffs that i have the fear of driving.. haisshh~~

shogunn_general said...

irise : even if you are driving accordingly, there is a chance that somehow someone might hit you, but yes, better be careful. and you dont wanna be in an accident. there'l be a hard time trying to explaining it to our parents.. =p

nadia : drive la sekali sekala....amik pengalaman..its precious! :D

ChiroBie said...

Thank god my parents never scolded any of my siblings for accidents ( from what I can rem). They always say, accident happens so don't be afraid =)If you are afraid, you will never be able to drive better.

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

kuang asam.hahaha.Iswara aku dah jadi legend dow.Sekarang nie ada dekat Kelantan aku rse sebab hari tue ada surat Majlis Bandar Kelantan hantar dekat rumah aku cakap suruh pegi mahkamah sebab tak bayar saman.Hok Hok.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

don't ask me how many times i've been in an accident.. I lost count. last I recall, is last summer when I scratched & bumped my mom's mercedez... erkk.. balik rumah mmg kene ah.. -.-"

shogunn_general said...

irise : yeah its true, you'll will learn to drive better from the mistake. i used to drive fast (for one reason, fun!) but now i learn just to cruise and save my fuel, only speeding when i'm late to meet someone! xp

razi : mat kelantan ke yang beli kereta kau? haha tak lama lagi mesti kereta tu kena jual kat siam

anna : poor thing, you made a scratch on a mercedes? maintenance mahal kot. i think. kenapa guna kereta besar2? guna time pergi praktikal kat hospital kuantan ke?hehe

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hahaha.. xde kete lain la, terpakse bawak Merz.. Satria my bro bawak pergi UM, and that car dah jadi his officially.. ;( and my mom baru jek hantar repair for that scratch and bump i made.. huhu~

I think i'm involve in some sort of accident everytime I'm back home driving.. well, small2 accident je lah.. big2 accident mintak jauh! :)

宮保雞丁Alex said...