Friday, June 4, 2010

..all my life..

I've cut my hair. Spent 3oo rubles on it. The Russian makcik asked me how to cut it, but I simply asked her to just cut it short, I don't really mind. No mullets ok. I don't know why Russian men likes mullets.

To Russian men, mullets are meant to be left alone in the 80's.

My head feels empty and light, somehow. Even the roommate seems surprised. As is usual whenever I cut my hair short. Very short.

Me : *sees the door wasnt locked. enters the room nonchalantly, taking some stuffs on the table.*

Roomate : *focusing on the PC monitor. then takes a second look at me.seems surprised.* Woi. Aku ingat siapa tadi. Tak biasa dowh. Selalu rambut kau penuh, err, macam ni kot. *making a kulit tembikai hair gesture with his hands*

Me : Yeke. *sighs. remembering the sweet memories with my long hair*

Actually I'm updating because I want to share this newfound hobby of me, which is, hearing to the sound of nature. Well in particular, I like to hear to the sound of crickets and rain.


cracked bunny said...

u better go listen to heart sounds or mitral regurgitation or something. =p

put lah post on 'her'

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

ceit macam sehati sejiwa plak bila sama-sama post cite pasal rambut.hoho.berani letak gmbr la wei.

eh kau dah ada awek ker?dah tak ganas muka takde perasaan la begini.hokhok.

shogunn_general said...

sha : nanti2 lah hehe

razi : huii orang muka ganas la perasaannya senang tersentuh wakaka orang banyak bulu lain kot kehkeh