Wednesday, June 2, 2010

..island in the sun..

Now I understand why she likes Maldives.. =)

Great. Finally finished my 4th year of medical school. Though, admittedly, I still got a long way to go. Dr Chuck gave me a scare today, saying that he didnt want to give me credits. But in the end, he was kind enough and gave all of us credits. He really is a savvy old doctor. He knows the basic things about computers, Microsoft PowerPoint, Skype, eMail, and other stuffs. Oh, and he's 65 years old. I guess Malaysian grandpas are different from Russian grandpas.

Studying is hard..

My other half is also going through a hard time, she's in super exam mode hehe. She's having her last exams on Friday, then going back to her hometown for the semester holidays. I guess I'm going to be lonely for awhile.. =(


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

ermmm... 'she'???

cracked bunny said...

make it public jela.people are eager to know

shogunn_general said...

hihi =D

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hey2.. lepas exam kene 'gos' ni.. ;DD

shogunn_general said...

anna : gos? what gos? *blur*