Wednesday, October 27, 2010

..the hunt for red october..

Its been a stressful and tiring week. Extended my visa on Monday, didnt bring my contract because it was not stated on the RMSA website that I should, so I had to rush back and get my contract in order to get my visa done. Why do we have to extend our visa every year? Students in other countries doesnt really have to I think. Its not like I wanted to stay here in Russia for long anyway. Its just that time and time again this stupid bureaucratic procedure is wasting our time, money and energy. Living in Moscow especially gives me all sorts of headache.

The Pediatrics lecturer was nice. She still is. She takes her time teaching us, using simple Russian words, although most of the time she's busy with the phone.

Spending an average 1 hour in the Metro everyday.

Rain has been falling for 2 days now. This really makes it harder to get out of bed. My roomate is usually gone to class by 7.45am, by that time I was just only suffering to get my towel and bath. Not to mention that I get hungry in the morning. In the afternoon too of course. Usually I'll bring a bottle of mineral water, although, it can't do much other than rehydrating me. Class usually finishes by 2.00pm, by the time I already lost all my focus and was only thinking of food and the comfortness of my room. Nowadays my guilty pleasure is sleeping before dinner, a bad habit I copied from my roomate =p

Today was a harsh day. Have to battle it up to get into the bus from Metro Konkova to the hostel. It was really packed and I was stuck by the driver's compartment. Along came a babushka (russian nenek). : Move it move it...I know there's more space..get in..

Maladoi chelovek (young man) : Impossible to move. No room.

All the while I've been stuck in the middle with my classmate, with nowhere to move.

Babushka : I said move it! They don't understand russian, these people.

My classmate was getting edgy and angry. Understandably so since the babushka was right behind us, pushing us in.

Classmate : Hey we can speak russian ok! And theres nowhere to go!

Myself : Oh no no...we cant speak russian..I dont understand russian at all.. *sarcasm*

Babushka : *really doesnt care for anything* There is space, I want to move.

Myself : I told you theres nowhere to go! Nowhere! (in russian) You stupid idiot! (in english)

Yes, I really said that. I'm sort of proud of it.

All in all, she went her way and finally went further inside and then went out. Strangely enough, the other russians were cool and just minding their own business, while this nenek just cant seem to settle herself down. Russia. One of those days.

If I could only punch you in the face. Not her though, this is just some random babushka.


cracked bunny said...

i like your labes, nak mampus

shogunn_general said...

straight to the heart, no censorship intended.