Saturday, October 30, 2010

..moon lovers..

My whole body is aching. My left ankle hasn't been the same since I injured it during training, when I accidentally stepped on the ball and misjudged it. Nevertheless, I gave my all for the guys yesterday, and I hope it was sufficient enough. We lost though. But it was not before we all rallied to make a comeback. It was okla, a game's a game :)

I finished watching my second dorama of this semester, or was it the third? Hrmm.. It was Takuya Kimura's Tsuki no Koibito or, Moon Lovers, whatever that means. I'm lazy to make a synopsis, so here you go.

The poster. Mehhh..boring poster.

Keiko Kitagawa! *faints*

Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chiling. omg omg is she for real? :D

Supercool dude Takuya Kimura in his usual cold self. Respect.

Ryoko Shinohara. Sort of the "onee-san" type.

Its a freaking good dorama though. Go check it out on daddicts for high quality versions.


jeka~ said...

best ek cter dy?
cam sdey2 jek poster dy..

shogunn_general said...

bes2..biasala drama2 sket..tapi happy ending..hehe :D