Tuesday, November 2, 2010

..boys day out..

It was a Sunday. And while most of my mates are lazying around and enjoying some good time by sleeping, me, Dol (Sufrin Mansor) and Ipe (Irfan Ghazali) decided to be a man and went for a walk. Did nothing much but eating and sightseeing. Reached back home at 8.00pm, but went back happy because I got myself something :)

Yeah I got myself a slouchy beanie from H&M just like Jake Gyllenhaal.

The place was called Metropolis.

Here it is at night.

Just a walk away from Metro Voykovskaya. Why is the sign so damn dirty?

And finally, treated myself with tuna sandwich from Bagetteria and Mochalatta Chill from Cinnabon.

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