Sunday, November 21, 2010

..that sinking feeling..

Routine of mine for the past few couple of days.

Woke up around 7 or something. Room mate already in bathing attire, just getting out of the bathroom, getting ready. Me still in slumber mode, sitting upright on the bed, pondering what to do next.

Got down from the double-deck in a jiffy, got a bit of morning-wood (hehe..) , took towel and off to bath with good old hot water.

Getting dressed. Topped up the sky juice for the day, Evian bottle nonetheless.

Refill je. Gila apa beli air Evian tiap2 hari =p

Not forgetting the protection for my injury-prone, yet luscious lips.


Finally, my earphone, one of the tools of entertainment as I enter the metro, spending an average 45 minutes in nothingness, staring at old people and funny smells.

Maybe getting a smart-phone next?

If you're lucky, you get to see some nice legs, always a good starter for the day ;)

A whole army of them is always good for the brain.

SNSD's are still my favorite though.

Then my class started around 10am, finishing at 4.30pm. With just 1 break, and lots of patients to cover. Its good that our lecturer exposes us to lots of things, I just wish she didn't push us to do so much homework in such little time. But its ok, I'll just have to go through it anyway.

Back home around 6pm, waiting for my food to come. If I have time, I could afford to take a quick nap for about 1 or 2 hours, no more.

Eat, bath, the usual stuffs, then, have to complete the stuffs she ordered us to do.

Sleep at about 1.30am or 2am. I think I have enough sleep, but the tiredness is killing me.

Oh well, not long to go. Cheers.

Superb Indian food that I had by the way.

Tandoori chicken.

A whole pot of em.

Here's to a good week ahead! ;)

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