Sunday, November 7, 2010's morphin time!..

During my younger years, I used to like Power Rangers, like a lot. And also Doraemon, X-men and other cheesy cartoons that I was fed with. But did you guys realise that Power Rangers sounds a bit racist?

Yellow ranger is Asian. Of course she is. Yellow skin?

Red ranger is a redneck. Doesnt really think much, but always eager to show his muscles. All brawn but no brain.

Pink ranger. Drama queen. Stupid blonde. Talks too much. Kinda hot.

White ranger. The white supremist. Leader of the pack. No other color can dethrone him.

Black ranger. Of course. Because he's a black guy. And he talks jive and breakdances.

Blue ranger. Blue is always the color of nerds. And blue ranger is a nerd. Also, he acts kinda gay.


edd faLco said...

u thot this up urself or did u watch the collegehumor clip? :P
anyways, jason looks more like a red indian mix..

Farra Muneera said...

hahaha omgggggg. Funny hhihi. Naqqib, u really have so much time doing this? haish ;P

shogunn_general said...

edd: haha aku terfikir sendiri la...actually its kinda obvious.. :O

neera : heheh...just one of those days..i pun dah lama x update ni... :(